Tera Ventures and Specialist VC participate in Flowstep’s €755,000 pre-seed funding round

Photo: Left to Right: Syvat Polishcuk (CDO), Matt Clannachan (CEO), Kaarel Roben (CTO)

Flowstep is a UX copilot that helps you design better products, 10x faster. Born from a library of top designs and driven by a desire to bridge the gap from imagination to reality, Flowstep has closed an oversubscribed pre-seed funding round of €755,000.

Flowstep believes they can 10x the speed of the design process. Their goal is for designers to be able to spend more time with their customers, figuring out the right problems to solve instead of the 'how'. Their solution is simple. Generate full user flows, informational architecture, wireframes, high-fidelity designs and more from a simple text prompt.

Within a few months of its MVP debut, Flowstep rallied more than 10,000 designers across the globe with €0 marketing spend. Users hail from names like Meta, Nubank, Paramount+, Spotify, and DoorDash.

The founding team of 4 nationalities (🇪🇪 🇺🇦 🇫🇮 🇬🇧) have built and designed products used by over 100M people worldwide. Svyat Polishchuk is a former Design Lead at Bolt. He is one of the creators behind the successful Bolt Drive service, as well as designing the UX for scooter rentals in over 250 cities. CTO Kaarel Roben is a self-taught coder, previously having built financial tech products from 0 to nearly $1bn in investments. Sami Nieminen, AI Lead, developed a deep learning classifier model that beat the best research literature model, and has an MSc (Honours) in Human-Computer Interaction from the top research program in Europe from 2020. Matt Clannachan, CEO, personally experienced the pain points while working as a VP of Product in fintech.

Leading the investment round is Tera Ventures (GrabCAD, Monese, Jobbatical), along with Specialist VC (Bolt, Veriff, Starship), Elias Aalto - Co-Founder and former Head of UX at Wolt ($8bn exit to Doordash), and other notable names.

"Flowstep is making design as fast and effortless as we always wished it could be, and that's not just good for designers—that's good for anyone building anything in the digital space, and for the users of these products as well. These amazing founders identified a glaring pain point in UX and have the diverse skill set to actually solve it. That's why we're not just investing to capture this massive market opportunity; we're supporting a team capable of redefining the industry," said Andrus Oks, Founding Partner of Tera Ventures.

Riivo Anton, Founding Partner of Specialist VC, commented, "Our experience has shown that design and user experience (UX) are critical drivers of success in competitive verticals. People prefer solutions that offer an excellent user experience over subpar alternatives. Flowstep has the potential to empower designers by enhancing their understanding of user preferences, enabling them to contribute significantly to the creation of successful, user-centric products."

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