Karma Ventures participates in the €11.6M investment round to Jobbatical

Photo: The founding team of Jobbatical

, which is focusing on smoothly relocating international employees with their software and other services, has raised an €11.6 million funding round, led by Nordic VC Inventure. Additional investors included Karma VC, and angel investors Kristel Kruustük, Indrek Prants and Andres Kull. 

With this Series A company plans on expanding to thirty new countries in the next two years. Jobbatical pivoted in 2019, and since then they have created a product ever-so-scalable. They can set up a new country on their platform within a day and with zero coding. Jobbatical team has automated their most important processes, enabling fast and seamless relocation. 

While now Series A will empower Jobbatical to meet the demands of the 281m annual global worker relocations market and the rapidly growing digital nomad community, then initially the concept behind Jobbatical, job combined with a sabbatical, started as a joke. The frustration of Karoli Hindriks over the perpetual rat race at work with a hope to achieve a sabbatical at some point brought the global work platform to life. 

The starting position to alleviate the pain of international hiring through hiring was not the catch. The job market was in its best shape to cover the requirements of exceptionally mobile humans, however, the immigration policies were not. Hence, the new type of product was then created which has effortlessly helped very talented individuals and companies, like Personio, Pipedrive, Typeform, and Travelperk. Just over the past year, Jobbatical has started around 6000 relocation cases for people from 118 nationalities and helped moves to 18 countries.

About the new investment, Karoli Hindriks, CEO and Co-Founder of Jobbatical said: "I am thrilled to announce that we’ve closed our Series A to expand to thirty new countries over the next two years and make our mission - moving to a new country as easy as booking a flight - into reality. The era of the jobbatical is in full swing. I am incredibly excited to keep working with my incredible team to scale our efforts and turn even more jobbatical dreams into reality."

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Photo credit:  NASA on Unsplash/ TechCrunch

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