EstVCA elects Margus Uudam as a new Chairman

04 November 2019
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EstVCA has elected Margus Uudam, founding partner at Karma Ventures, as a new Chairman. New Management Board of EstVCA, that was elected for the next 2 years, consists in addition to Margus now of:

Kristjan Kalda (BaltCap)
Kalmer Kikas (BPM Capital)
Viljar Arakas (Eften Capital)
Martin Hendre (Tera Ventures)
Sille Pettai (SmartCap)
Indrek Kasela (United Angels VC)
Joel Aasmäe (Trind Ventures)
Hendrik Reimand (Livonia Partners)
Antti Perli (Ellex)
Toomas Prangli (Sorainen)

Margus says that the focus of the new management board will be the continuous development of Estonian Private Equity & Venture Capital ecosystem and marketing the Baltics to the global investors.

"Together with the government we have developed a very strong Private Equity & Venture Capital ecosystem and this has already shown quite remarkable results. Number of the investments has grown substantially, we have helped develop very strong companies and the supply of capital has improved on all the levels of a company development phases. Estonia and the Baltic states are on the rise to become the New-Nordics and continuous growth of the entire region depends on a very strong co-operation", said Margus.

Baltic Private Equity & Venture Capital market has grown seven-fold during the past seven years reaching €2,8 billion. For the growth to continue, stability of local investment climate has to be ensured.

"We will definitely focus on the problems and instability that arise from the upcoming pension reform. Planned reform will greatly impact the whole Private Equity & Venture Capital industry and we need to put a lot of effort to secure the development and competitiveness of our industry", Margus added.

EstVCA is the representative body of Estonian Private Equity & Venture Capital Industry and was established in 2009. Goal of EstVCA is to develop a sustainable and attractive ecosystem for the benefit of entrepreneurs, fund managers, institutional investors and to increase the output of innovative and high-growth potential companies in Estonian economy. EstVCA has 20 members and 25 Associate Members. Combined assets under management of Private Equity & Venture Capital houses is close to €2 billion.

Members of EstVCA are Ambient Sound Investments, BaltCap, BPM Capital, Change Ventures, Eften Capital, European Investment Fund, Kaamos Group, Karma Ventures, KredEx, LHV Asset Management, Livonia Partners, SmartCap, Superangel, Swedbank Investment Funds, Tera Ventures, Trind Ventures, United Angels VC, United Partners, UP Invest and Wellman.

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