EPISODE #4 - Ene Õunmaa of Swedbank Investment Funds

In the #4 episode of EstVCA LP Insights, we were delighted to welcome Ene Õunmaa - Senior Portfolio Manager at Swedbank Investment Funds – the first and largest asset management company in Estonia, which has been operating since 1994 and manages pension funds, investment funds, and institutional investment portfolios.

Ene has extensive experience managing investment portfolios, including private equity, real estate, bonds, and listed equity. In the episode, she gives a thorough insight into the selection and management of alternative assets in Swedbank Investment Funds. We talked about their investment process and asset allocations and looked into the impact of the Estonian pension reform, changes in the market sentiment, and its influence on the PE/VC sector. Ene brings out the importance of people and team synergy, especially in the PE/VC asset class. She highlights that communication is of vital importance in LP-GP relations and as to trends in the sector, ESG and impact are the keywords that are here to stay.

The episode is hosted by EstVCA board members and leading Estonian LPs - Sille Pettai (SmartCap) and Allan Gaidunko (LHV Asset Management)

  • About Swedbank Investment Funds - LINK
  • Ene Õunmaa on LinkedIn

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