Superangel invests in cloud storage startup Storadera

Photo: Storadera team

Storadera is an Estonian startup that has developed a unique and smart technology to be able to provide to B2B customers up to 5x more affordable cloud storage service compared to incumbent players like AWS, Google and Microsoft. The purpose of the fundraising is to speed up technology development and to reach out to foreign markets.

Participants in the funding round were Superangel, Pipedrive founder’s packed Honey Badger Capital, Bolt co-founder Martin Villig, Bolt ex CTO Rain Johanson, serial investor Mikko Silventola and several private individuals.

There are a lot of European businesses that’d like their data to be stored by a European cloud storage service provider. According to Tommi Kannisto, CEO of Storadera, there is currently no European-origin competitor in the same price range and it gives a strong advantage to us. Although we are an Estonian company, we see our customer base mainly outside of Estonia. First, we’ll target the Nordic market and other European countries will follow. In the long run, is planned expansion to North America.

Storadera service is mainly targeted at businesses who are aiming to store, backup and archive their data in the cloud. Potential customers are also companies who have still not started to use cloud services, because they consider this too expensive or too complicated.

Our mission is to provide scalable service and at the same very simple and predictable pricing and therefore lower the barrier for businesses adopting cloud services and saving data storing costs.

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Photo credit: Aron visuals / Unsplash; Storadera

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