Kingdom Technologies Secures 1.6m EUR funding to Revolutionize Lawn Care with Robotic Mowers

Founded in 2018 by visionary Estonian entrepreneur Joan Kangro, this ambitious Glasgow company has recently secured a hefty 1.6m EUR in funding from a consortium of investors led by the founders of Skype and Bolt, alongside Iron Wolf Capital and Specialist VC. The company is also in the portfolio of our member Superangel. This recent financial infusion, bolstered by grant support from Scottish Enterprise, is set to propel Kingdom Technologies into its next phase: the production of over 100 units of its groundbreaking large lawn robotic mower within the year.

With the robotic mower market heating up, Kingdom Technologies is making strides with an innovative approach to lawn care. Distinguished by its ability to tackle larger cutting areas and navigate rougher terrains with unparalleled efficiency, the company's latest mower model promises to be a game-changer. This advancement comes on the heels of a successful £2m seed funding round 18 months ago, which has since seen the company double its workforce to around 20 employees and significantly increase customer activity, particularly in Florida, where its mowers have been making their mark on sports fields.

Kingdom Technologies is not just innovating for the sake of it; the company has its sights firmly set on the U.S. market, where the demand for efficient, large-scale lawn maintenance solutions is growing. Supported by a strong ecosystem in Glasgow, including Scottish Enterprise and local universities' expertise in robotics, the company is well-positioned to lead in the UK's burgeoning robotics sector. With plans for a Series A fundraising round aimed at raising £20m to expand its fleet to over 1,000 robots, Kingdom Technologies is on a fast track to global expansion and technological leadership.

The journey of Kingdom Technologies has been marked by significant milestones, not least of which is the diverse investor base that has rallied behind its vision. Moreover, the company's strategic decisions, including the appointment of David Lane, a prominent figure in robotics education and entrepreneurship in the UK, to its board, signal its commitment to excellence and innovation. Scottish Enterprise has lauded the company for its innovative approach and potential for significant growth, a testament to Scotland's nurturing environment for tech startups. As Kingdom Technologies continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in robotic lawn care, it stands as a beacon of innovation, demonstrating the potential of Scottish tech on the global stage.
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