EfTEN launched a new retail-oriented real estate fund - EfTEN United Property Fund

EstVCA member EfTEN Capital, the largest real estate fund manager in the Baltic States, has launched a new retail-oriented real estate fund.

EfTEN United Property Fund
  • Beginning of the investment period - 22 June 2021.
  • The first Baltic real estate fund with a possibility to invest starting from 10 euros.
  • Investing is easy and flexible – invest as a one-time investment or regularly e.g. every month.
  • Low and transparent management fees.
  • All segments - the first fund in Estonia to invest in real estate in the Baltic States across all segments: commercial, residential, RE development projects.
  • EfTEN’s team of 55 real estate experts to manage your investment.
  • The aim is to pay dividends to investors 1-4 times a year.
  • The fund will be listed on the Tallinn Stock Exchange this year, but no later than May 2022. Before listing, it may be more difficult than usual to sell units.

Exclusively non-exclusive.
Most of us cannot afford a hotel, shopping centre, or rental apartment. The EfTEN United Property Fund is the first fund in the Baltics that allows you to invest in the kind of property that would ordinarily be out of reach. Investing in the fund is flexible – just decide upon the amount you want to invest in and do it whenever it is most suitable for you. You do not need to possess large capital to become an investor, already 10 euros is enough.

We are not going to surprise you with hidden fees.
The EfTEN United Property Fund is free of any high costs or secret, additional terms and conditions that would make your blood boil.
On the contrary, everything is transparent, flexible, and ultimately under your control. No subscription fee. No success fee. No fees on uninvested capital. No double fees on investing to EfTEN other funds. If you invest, the fee is only 1,5% per annum on direct property

Nobody gets rich overnight, but it can happen over time.
If your expectation is to make lots of money fast, you’ll be wasting your time here. However, if you are expecting a steady and stable income, you are in a right place. Our ambition is to pay you regular dividends on a quarterly basis so you do not need to wait for them impatiently.

Zero excitement and adrenalin. Only professionals and their thorough analyses.
The EfTEN United Property Fund is managed by professionals with decades-long experience. Their investment decisions are based on thorough (though often rather dry) analyses and discussions. Our rigorous risk management standards and control functions will ensure that your money is taken good care of.
Judging on EfTEN’s past success our approach seems to deliver results.

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