Superangel participates in their portfolio company Salv's 4M€ seed round

13 February 2023
Photo: Salv's team

During the past few years, financial crime, especially fraud, has seen a meteoric rise due to the explosive growth of the fintech industry.

Whilst international criminal organisations collaborate consistently, financial institutions mostly lack the functionality to securely exchange information on suspicious activity.

This is where Salv comes in - providing a real-time collaborative crime-fighting platform and minimising non-compliance and financial crime through its network of companies.

Salv was founded in 2018 by former Wise and Skype employees, including Taavi Tamkivi (CEO), Jeff McClelland (COO), and Sergei Rumjantsev (CTO). Company has a team of 60+ employees, many of which used to work for Skype and Wise with financial crime fighting.

With the additional €4M in seed funding from a total of €7M in venture capital investments, Salv plans on improving their AML (Anti Money Laundering) toolset and expanding to other markets. 

Taavi Tamkivi, CEO and co-founder of Salv, comments, “The digitalisation of the financial industry has resulted in an avalanche of financial crime, and the numbers are only projected to grow. Our collaborative-crime fighting platform, Salv Bridge, is proven effective against money laundering, sanctions, and fraud. The funds allow us to add functionality to our modular AML toolset and expand to new markets, helping more companies improve their crime-fighting measures and thereby protect their end-customers.

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Photo:  David Marcu/ Unsplash; Salv

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