Specialist VC leads the €380k pre-seed investment round to biotech startup Gearbox Biosciences

13 October 2023
Photo: The Gearbox Biosciences team- from left the CEO Arvi Jõers, Co-Founders Villu Kasari and Marje Kasari

On 13 October Gearbox Biosciences announced their €380k pre-seed investment round led by Specialist VC, specifically by Kaspar Hanni and Riivo Anton. Other investors who participated in the round were UniTartu Ventures, AS AMALFI and angel investors.

Gearbox Biosciences is making bioproduction cleaner and more affordable. Their Switcher technology and new Pop-Out-Plasmid patented technology enable pharmaceutical, food and other fields to produce antibiotic-free protein. For these companies, this results in lower manufacturing costs and reduced risk of antibiotic resistance which would affect the general population.

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Photo credit:  Johannes Plenio on Unsplash ;Gearbox Biosciences

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