NEW MEMBER: Verge HealthTech Fund joins EstVCA

We are excited to announce that Verge HealthTech Fund, a venture capital fund focused on investing in impactful health technologies, joins EstVCA as the main member. 

Verge HealthTech Fund (“Verge”) is an early-stage venture capital fund focused on investing in impactful health technologies at a global scale. The team at Verge achieves this by searching for transformative technologies that make healthcare accessible, affordable, better in quality and efficiency, and can reach underserved markets in Asia and beyond. To date, the team has invested in 50 healthtech companies across 20 countries, and their investments have positively impacted over 53 million lives.  

„It is great to have Verge join EstVCA, as it is the first VC fund in our membership and one of the most active early-stage funds in the New Nordic region, whose investment strategy is focused purely on healthtech. The emergence of vertical-based funds in the region is definitely proof of market maturity and trust in capabilities to build cutting-edge technologies,“ says Kadri Lindpere, the Managing Director of EstVCA.  

“We are pleased to join EstVCA. At Verge we look for the most promising early-stage healthtech startups that aim to bring access to care globally and we see the New Nordics as a great place for finding these teams, ” says Erki Mölder, the Managing Partner of Verge HealthTech Fund 

The key trends that inform Verge’s investment thesis include: 

●      The major shortage of healthcare resources globally, resulting in over 4 billion people without access to quality healthcare;

●      Aging and lifestyle changes are shifting the global disease burden from infectious to non-communicable diseases, calling for new kinds of healthcare delivery models;

●      Exponential improvements in technology, connectivity and computing power driving the velocity, volume and veracity of data, enabling radical innovations in understanding health;

●      Healthcare moving away from “sick care” to “health + care”, covering prevention, risk detection, intervention, care for the chronically ill and healthy longevity; and

●      The consumerization and democratisation of healthcare, meaning that healthcare is moving from traditional healthcare settings into virtual and home settings, putting power into the hands of consumers to be able to manage their health.

Main contacts:

Erki Mölder
Managing Partner

Sigvards Krongorns


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