DEAL TALKS: Veljo Otsason of Superangel talks about their 250k € investment into VISORY

02 June 2020
Today our DEAL TALKS meets Veljo Otsason, the Managing Partner of Superangel and we talk about their recent investment into Visory. Visory is an Estonian startup that is helping computers understand what lies in a picture or a video: from cars and garbage to traffic flow, from how social distancing rules are being followed to possible crimes on security videos.

1. What makes Visory unique?

There are more than 25 million CCTV cameras in cities around the world, but not much is being done with the data they generate. Visory has built a scalable computer vision platform to process this vast amount of real-time video and make it useful for commercial real estate owners, campuses and cities, while preserving privacy. They are one of the most capable and experienced computer vision teams around with ambition and drive to revolutionise urban living with their technology.

2. How is the investment used?
This first round of financing was raised to develop the platform further; for extensive customer development, working with cities and businesses across the globe, and to get the company to the next level and ready for seed round.

3. Impact and diversity
Visory platform provides data & insights for better urban planning, crime detection and traffic routing. This has positive impact on improving life quality and saving the environment in cities. In the current health crisis, it has also enabled anonymous monitoring of social distancing, hygiene behaviours and public health.

Visory CEO & Co-founder Karen K Burns is one of the brightest female founders in Estonia and a great role model for girls who want to start a company. Visory is also focussing heavily on diversity while hiring.

Any key advisors worth mentioning?
Special thanks for Marko Russiver, Toby Stone, Taivo Pungas, Joonatan Samuel & other mentors and advisors who helped during our Base Camp programme and onwards + always friendly and to-the-point legal advice from Antti Perli at Ellex.

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