DEAL TALKS: Superangel, Kaamos and United Angels VC talk about their investment into Bob W

Here is another interesting read in our DEAL TALKS  series. Three of our members – Superangel, Kaamos and United Angels VC – recently made an investment into Bob W, a tech-enabled hospitality start-up that brings touchless, hotel-like quality standards to the world of short-stay.

We asked Riivo Anton (Founding Partner of United Angels VC), Marko Oolo (Investment Manager of Superangel) and Marek Pohla (Head of Management Board of Kaamos) why they decided to invest in the team and concept.

1. Why did you choose to invest, what makes Bob W unique?  

  • RIIVO I United Angels VC: Early-stage investing is always about the team. We found Niko and Sebastian to be a well-balanced team between vision, foresight, analytics and execution. Being frequent travellers ourselves we also related well to the product. Once you have stayed in all types of hotels and experimented with apartment options one starts to look for something like Bob W. Bob W is a tech-enabled hospitality concept that combines the quality of the boutique hotels with the charm of the authentic homes. Bob W's concept is contactless and practically touchless - a definite competitive edge over standard hotel concepts in the era of the new normal.  

  • MARKO I Superangel: Superangel decided to invest because of the driven, experienced, and ambitious founding team. Niko and Sebastian are a good combination because of their previous background in real estate, technology, and entrepreneurship. As an investor, we are mainly looking for excellent founding teams and we think Bob W has one. We also liked the authentic and personal approach for the service which is fully automated in the background. As a customer, you feel welcome and receive an excellent service. On the business side, the operations are automated and lean. 
  • MAREK I Kaamos: BoBW (as in Best of Both Worlds) combines the service quality and convenience of a good hotel with the liveability and authenticity of a home. The service is an evolution from a classical hotel experience to cater the contemporary traveller in a tech-enabled package in handpicked neighbourhoods with character. For us, BobW represents an impressive mix of a talented and ambitious team and a business model we see as promising. As an added bonus there could be an additional potential for us in the future in synergies with one of our core businesses - real estate.

2. How is the investment used? 

  • MARKO I Superangel: Bob W plans to expand its portfolio to 1000 units across Nordics, Baltics, and the UK. In order to do that they are hiring top talent all over Europe and building out autonomous hospitality tech platform. 

  • MAREK I Kaamos: The company will use the proceeds to accelerate both its available units as well as invest into the development of its technology. BoB W is currently only located in Estonia and Finland, but with this round they want to expand within Europe in markets and cities the team has identified with the most potential.  The mid-term view is to expand to at least two more countries as well as further develop it´s concept to amplify growth. 
  • RIIVO I United Angels VC: In addition to offering reinvented travel experience, Bob W is on the mission to create a full-stack hospitality tech platform which will serve as the foundation for more asset-light growth strategy of the company. Recent round enables the company to expand its pipeline beyond 1000 units across the Baltic Sea region and UK.

3. Impact and diversity
How do you assess the impact of their business and how diverse is the team?

  • MAREK I Kaamos: We see the potential of the business to have an impact globally through the introduction of their unique approach, tech & ambitious plans to further develop their business model. We found the team is well-positioned to execute their plans with sufficient experience in successful VC exits as well as corporate management. 

  • RIIVO I United Angels VC: Bob W is incorporated in Ireland, is originating from Finland, but has its HQ and largest operations in Tallinn. The company represents a crucial trend for Estonian economy - foreign founders incorporating a company here and attracting local and international talent. Bob W is diverse at its core with around 10 nationalities represented in the team. 
  • MARKO I Superangel: Bob W has a strong focus on sustainability. You can see this throughout the suites. Starting from the local quality materials and furniture to reusable plastic containers and eco-friendly lotions.


 - Read more on the investment HERE

 - Visit Bob W WEBSITE 


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