DEAL TALKS: Riivo Anton of United Angels VC talks about their participation in the $1.35 million seed investment round to Sentinel

Our member United Angels VC participated in the $1.35 million seed investment round to Estonia-based Sentinel, which is developing a detection platform for identifying synthesized media (aka deepfakes). Our DEAL TALKS reflects an interesting chat with United Angels' partner Riivo Anton. Here’s what he said:

1. What makes Sentinel unique?
Sentinel helps governments and media organizations to minimize risk through automated authentication of digital media. Sentinel's technology detects manipulated digital media content (deepfakes), such as photos, videos, sound and other media used in information warfare. There are other services on a similar mission, but Sentinel has proprietary technology that combines four deepfake detection methods and the largest database of deepfakes in the World.

2. How is the investment used?
The company aims to use recent funding for launching its detection platform commercially in 2021. However, this is not a typical SaaS service available for anyone. Having access to loads of sensible data, Sentinel's service is available only to selected customers with democratic values (typically originating from NATO, EU or OECD countries).

3. Impact and diversity
Sentinel's mission and impact cannot be overstated. If deepfakes go undetected then decision-makers, citizens, and democratic processes will be manipulated leading to the loss of trust in democracies and media.

The Sentinel's team has people from at least 6 different nationalities with diverse backgrounds - from military to tech, from media to finance. There will be major news on new additions to the team shortly.

Want to join Sentinel on this critical mission?
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